The Ontarion, Inc. publishes independent, student-produced news, opinion, and commentary for University of Guelph students so that they can make informed decisions in their lives. To do this, The Ontarion provides learning opportunities and training in journalism, media production, leadership, board governance, and other aspects of nonprofit news.

The Ontarion began in 1951 and was published by the Union Council, which was the first central student government. When the Union Council, then incorporated as the Guelph Students’ Union, collapsed in 1970, The Ontarion incorporated as an independent organization and became The Ontarion, Inc., a not-for-profit corporation registered with the province of Ontario.

Being a not-for-profit corporation means that the organization can carry out commercial activities to support payroll and operations, but that any “profits” are reinvested into supporting the organization’s nonprofit mission of delivering independent news.

Paid advertising and student fees make up The Ontarion’s revenue. The news outlet publishes theontarion.com and a print newspaper. Students and community members can gain experience in journalism and board governance as volunteers.

The Ontarion, Inc. continues to publish The Ontarion to this day.