Want to be noticed by thousands of U of G students?

Our newspaper is on campus, off campus, online, and in the homes of our readers. The Ontarion has a presence that can’t be beat.

Why advertise in a campus newspaper?

  • Portability: Your ad will follow our readers as they bring their copy of The Ontarion with them to class, coffee shops, and eventually into their home or campus residence.
  • Efficiency: Our readers share and pass along their copy to their peers, often leaving it in shared spaces for the next reader.
  • Attention: Our average reader spends 24 minutes reading our newspaper! They are not in a rush, and they are not distracted by their phones. Reading The Ontarion represents a break from the stress and noise of the daily grind, not only giving your message the best chance of being sent, but also received.
  • Relevance: Your ad appears alongside articles and content that help students navigate their campus, city, and life. When our readers pick up The Ontarion, they are intentionally seeking information about their community. What better setting could there be to show them your message?
  • Reach: Not every student visits campus everyday and many of those that do only visit one or two buildings. With over 80 strategically placed pick-up locations around the University of Guelph campus as well as the city of Guelph, The Ontarion is an effective platform to give your message a targeted audience across a broad geography.
  • Transparency: Our reported readership figures are a conservative estimate based on our total copies printed, minus any copies not picked up, and multiplied by the number of readers per copy based on one-on-one interviews with our readers. We strive to ensure that our numbers can be relied on.
  • Expertise: Have an idea for an ad but don’t know your way around design software? We can help transform your vision into reality with our free design assistance. Even if you don’t have an idea, we can help you determine the best message and elements to get the most out of your ad. Please note, free design assistance is only available with sufficient notice. Contact our Advertising & Marketing Coordinator to confirm details.

How do I learn more or get started?

It’s easy! Follow these simple steps and you will be on your way to reaching University of Guelph students in a unique and effective way.

  1. Check out our rates card HERE. Remember, there are discounts available for multi-advertisement campaigns.
  2. Think about what you might want to tell new and returning students. It’s better to focus on 1 or 2 features rather than 5 to 10. Don’t worry though, we can help you determine the best way to convey your message!
  3. Call or email our Advertising & Marketing Coordinator, Patrick Sutherland, to arrange a meeting to discuss your options. Whether you’re new to advertising, or a seasoned pro, we can help narrow your options down to an ad or series of ads that fit your business’ goals and budget.
  4. Relax! As a non-profit organization without commissions, you can rest assured that, when it comes to advertising, our primary interest lies in connecting our readers and advertisers with each other in a meaningful and cost-effective way.

Contact Patrick today to discuss how The Ontarion can help spread your message to the University of Guelph community:

email: patrick@theontarion.com

phone: 519.824.4120 x58267

**See Rates Card for details & policy**

Facts & Stats

  • Per-issue readership of 5,200 to 6,500 (more for Guelph 101!)
  • Our readers take The Ontarion, and your ad, into their homes and share it with their friends
  • Undergraduate and Graduate Student population at U of G – 24,000
  • Administrative and Academic Staff at U of G – 5,350

Who we are

As a non-profit organization, we strive to create value for our readers, our volunteers, and our clients. We use advertising revenue to help fund our objective of being an organization that promotes learning, volunteering, and community involvement through journalism and journalistic literacy.

  • We create content that is trustworthy, timely, and relevant to Gryphons and Guelphites.
  • We offer a unique, inclusive, and positive learning environment to the student and community member volunteers who form the backbone of our organization.
  • We create value for our clients by establishing and maintaining a wide and high-quality distribution network and publication, which helps our advertisers to “cut through the noise” of other advertising venues that do little to grab and maintain students’ attention

Our newspaper is on campus, off campus, online, and in the homes of our readers. The Ontarion has a presence that can’t be beat.

“Universities and Colleges are very important to cities like Guelph. They are economic power-houses. They support good jobs of all kinds and they attract new people who spend lots of money in our community. The consulting firm Live Work Learn Play (LWLP) has estimated that student discretionary spending—not counting such necessities as rent and groceries—injects over $100 million into the local economy. Many Guelphites have had mortgages fully or partly paid by student rents too. So we are really lucky to have them.”

Marty Williams
Executive Director, Downtown Guelph Business Association

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