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Using social media as a tool for justice

Panel held at Guelph-Humber discusses relationship between justice and media On March 19, graduating media studies students at the University of Guelph-Humber hosted a free speaker event looking at how social media has become the platform for social justice. EMERGE is a multidisciplinary project run by  media studies students at […]


Senate Committee on Agriculture and Forestry

Discussing the comparative advantage in Canada’s agri-food sector The agricultural industry is more versatile than you might expect and is continuing in that direction. This is the message the Senate Committee on Agriculture and Forestry highlighted during their visit to the University of Guelph on March 11. The Senate participated […]


Treaty No. 3 (1792)

The Between the Lakes Purchase (1792) By Dr. Brittany Luby & Dr. Alison Norman with HIST*1050*02 as part of an experiential learning collaboration with The Ontarion The Between the Lakes Purchase (1792) between the Crown and the Mississauga Nation, was to allow Indigenous and settler populations to co-exist in the region […]


Staff sustainability challenge

Reducing waste, one office at a time This year, The Ontarion staff have been trying to stay conscious of their environmental impact in different ways. In addition to a compost bin that we’ve added to the office, many of our staff members have made personal changes to stay sustainable. Tiffany […]

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Poems by Adam Maue

Poems by Adam Maue For me, summer is a time for travel. Two of these poems are inspired by my summers traveling across Canada, specifically seeing British Columbia’s mountains and spending time in the Okanagan Valley’s rich vineyards. Also, “letter to the editor” is a character piece about a newsworthy […]


Summer fashion

Day-to-night outfit ideas for the summertime Summer is coming! Many of you may be excited to put away your winter wardrobe and bring out your lighter and brighter garments — I know I am! As the weather gets warmer and the days get longer, you can create major fashion statements […]

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How to be a student girl boss

Inside the life of an undergraduate entrepreneur Being a university student is not easy work, so just imagine working through all of the pressure in addition to having an entire business to run. Believe it or not, it is possible, and students at the University of Guelph are living examples […]

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Summer Reading List

Eight books that will mix up your reading this summer As a long-time lover of books, I have always eagerly awaited the freedom of summer. Even now that my elementary school days are over, and no longer get two months of pure vacation each year, summer always seems to be […]


How I see you see me

Discrimination during job searching and on the job Have you ever applied for a job that you felt you were a good fit for, did well in the interview, and then found you didn’t get it? Even under normal circumstances, it’s an incredibly frustrating feeling. I think the reason it’s […]