Aaron Jacklin

Executive Director

Aaron is a U of G alum twice over, having earned a BA in 2003 and an MA in 2010. While an undergrad, Aaron volunteered as both a copy editor and a news reporter for The Ontarion. He’s also been to journalism school, worked as a reporter in a small town, and an editor at a big technology company. The for-profit corporate world left a bad taste in his mouth, prompting a return to non-profit work at The Ontarion.

Lorrie Taylor

Business Coordinator

Lorrie has been “taking care of business” for over 20 years at The Ontarion. She likes to crunch numbers and makes sure the financials of the organization are running smoothly. With retirement fast approaching she looks forward to spending more time with her four grandchildren, and doing even more quilting and scrapbooking.

Patrick Sutherland

Advertising & Marketing Coordinator

A U of G grad, Patrick first got involved with The Ontarion by volunteering for the Board of Directors where he enjoyed using his Human Resources Management education. He enjoys spending time with animals, playing board games, and rock climbing.

Kevin Connery

Editor in chief

Kevin Connery is a Scarborough-born writer, editor, and all-around creative-type. He has a master’s from Columbia University, and writing has appeared in Daily Xtra, Food52, Scarborough Fair, The Ontarion (of course), and is forthcoming in Feel Ways and This Magazine. He dreams of one day living in a refurbished lighthouse and exclusively wearing chunky knitwear and fringed leather jackets.

Larissa Abrams-Ogg

Director of Layout and Design

By day, Larissa is a freelance designer who creates spreads and ads for The Ontarion. She agonizes lovingly over font choices, ink levels, and ensuring things are precisely lined up. By night she reads ravenously, tends her vegetable patch, stares out the window overthinking things, and curls up under her duvet pretending to be a sleeping dragon.

Alex Vialette

Multimedia Creator and Editor

Alex loves heated debates over the pronunciation of “gif” and explaining his zombie apocalypse survival plan to people who didn’t ask. He shares a nearly symbiotic relationship with his camera and fuels his creativity with nitro brew coffee from Starbucks. Feel free to refer to him as A-Dawg, he’s trying to get it to catch on in the office.

Jessica Ulbikas

Copy Editor

When Jessica isn’t working on her undergraduate Nutritional and Nutraceutical Sciences courses or volunteering for the Peer Helper Program, you can find her cooking up a storm in her kitchen.

Prabhleen Ratra

Web Developer

Prabhleen is a master of web, not the one Peter Parker goes around zapping. When she is not struggling with the “Angel of Death,” you’ll find her dancing her heart out in the Athletic Center studios.

Jacquelina Preza

Social Media Coordinator

Jacquie is an Instagram enthusiast and a coconut water connoisseur. When she’s not studying or watching Disney+, you can definitely find her in the kitchen eating. Although she does enjoy binge watching Netflix on the daily, she’s probably the only person who hates The Office.

Leah Morrow

Assignment Editor

Leah likes long walks on the beach and hot coffee. She owns three tamagotchis and has managed to keep one alive, she described that as a win.
Leah is an aspiring plant mother she owns a single cactus and a fern, so far neither have died. A proud moment in her life.

Allan Sloan

News Editor

After realising that being a superhero was physically impossible, Allan Sloan took another route and followed the likes of Clark Kent and Peter Parker. Allan hopes to bring honest and accurate journalism to the people and to have a little fun along the way.

And You!

Volunteer Contributor

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