Letter From The Editor

I am not a journalist. My grandfather was… I think… truthfully, I was never totally sure about what his profession was, but I know he did some journalism. I know this because when I told my grandmother that I’d got this job as the Editor-in-Chief of The Ontarion she got very excited and started talking about how it must run in the family. She was wrong though, because like I said, I am not a journalist. 

What I am is a writer. I promise, this is not me being needlessly pedantic about words; I think this is actually a necessary distinction to draw. I’m hoping that my being so honest about not being a journalist will earn me some understanding and leniency when I make mistakes—and you can be sure I will make mistakes over the next year. The main reason,  however, for why I’m labouring this point is that in saying this, I hope that you will be able to understand my goals for this year. 

The Ontarion provides students a place to gain experience in journalism—it’s an amazing opportunity to learn and work—but it is also a place for you to share your perspective and to be heard. My job is to curate, but more than that, I want to tell help The Ontarion tell good stories. I want everything we run to be worthy of your attention and I want to use this paper as an opportunity to allow you to talk about some real stuff. I want to hear what you have to say. I do not claim any sort of objectivity when it comes to my tastes—who can?—and, remember, I’m not a journalist; I’m a writer, and we’re not shy about having opinions. That said, I will always be fair with every decision I make and I will always take the time to listen to every story that comes to me. The most dangerous thing any clever person can do is assume they know more than they really know, and I can say very confidently that there’s a whole lot I don’t know. So so much. So many perspectives I haven’t considered, so much I’ve never even heard of, so many blind spots and biases, so many stories I can’t tell—so many stories that only you can tell. And that’s why I’m here, to help tell your stories. 

My email is at the bottom, down below my name. If you have something you want to say, get in touch. Pitch me ideas. Send me your writing. Send me your rants. Send me your poetry, good and bad—I want it all! If you’ve never written before, try it. If you’re a seasoned contributor, we’d be happy to have you back. Send me your essays and articles. Send me your hot takes and your critical perspectives. Send me your comics and complaints, your haikus and reviews, your short stories and gonzo forays. Send it all!

This first issue is about new beginnings and getting set up for the year ahead—welcome to university, welcome back to university, welcome welcome welcome one and all!—everything that comes next is going to be up to you.










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