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Summer activities to do outdoors in Guelph

Benefitting from the warm weather while working out

Cycle your way
 through the city

Speed River Bicycle Shop sells, rents, and repairs bicycles for customers. If you are renting a bike, head out of the store and go down to the railroad tracks on Eramosa Road, then go north to Riverside Park for a full day of biking in this beautiful area. If you are feeling adventurous, cross Victoria Road, and cycle through the Guelph Off-Road Bicycling Association (GORBA) trails.

Cycling at the gym on the stationary bikes is a good cardio and muscle workout as you can adjust your resistance level, but cycling outside offers more. In addition to being able to adjust your bike’s resistance using the gears, choosing uphill trails works your muscles and heart harder than at the gym. Plus, there’s the bonus rush of going down a big hill and picking up speed without pedalling.

Take a dip in the river

While there are plenty of locations to swim indoors, nothing beats taking a dip in freshwater on a hot summer day.

Depending on the weather, resistance can be added or taken away with the speed of the wind and water temperature. Colder water makes it harder to breathe, which increases the intensity of the cardio aspect of your workout. The faster the speed of the wind, the more waves are created, therefore there is higher resistance in the water. Length swimming in a pool has steady resistance, but waves increase this, allowing you to build more muscle than you would in a pool.

There are several parks in the area supervised by the Grand River Conservation Authority that have sandy beaches, pools, and splash pads.

Enjoy a hike

Get a group of friends together and head over to Starkey Hill Conservation Area in Puslinch, Ont. for a beautiful hike surrounded by trees and wildlife. You will be able to catch a view of the Basilica of Our Lady Immaculate at one of the lookouts.

Don’t forget to wear proper hiking boots as it can be very muddy, and bring a bottle of water and a small snack in case you choose to take a long hike.

Starkey Hill has several hiking trails ranging in length and difficulty. Obviously, the longer your hike, the better your workout. Hiking uphill is an excellent cardio and full-body workout, with focus on the legs and core.

Paddle out on the river

The Boathouse on Gordon Street opens its canoe and kayak rental service on April 1.

Paddling works your entire upper body, from your abs and back to your arms and shoulders.

As previously mentioned, windy conditions on the water make for a more challenging workout — just be careful not to tip!

If it’s an extra sunny day, not only will you get a nice tan, but you’ll sweat more than usual, which means you’ll need to bring a water bottle and make sure you stay hydrated.

Feature photo by Alora Griffiths/The Ontarion

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